Lead Game Designer (f/m/x)

We are looking for a full-time Game Designer to work on-site in Vienna, Austria. You will be working closely with our Creative Director and lead a team of designers while collaborating with designers and engineers here in Vienna.

Here’s what you do

You are guiding a team of Systems-, Level-, Narrative and UI/UX-Designers to complete various projects ranging from isolated experiences to entire games. Doing so, you interact with a project manager, lead programmer and Mi’pu’mi’s Creative Director on a daily basis.

As the head of a game’s design team, you deal with fundamental questions: What goals are we trying to achieve? Who are we building this for? How should things work and why? How does a mechanic or system support a certain theme or tone?

The team and you translate answers to these questions into specifications for programmers, artists and testers. Napkin drawing, flow chart or design bible - you strive for simplicity and clarity of intent.

You make frequent, conscious and pragmatic decisions to put a vision into reality. This includes designing, prototyping and integrating systems and narratives without losing sight of the big picture and its unique constraints.

Here’s what you bring

Although we believe in people defying our expectations and finding their own ways to be effective, this role comes with a handful of boxes to check. But instead of harping on bullet-points we would like to try and describe what kind of person we imagine would absolutely rock this role. Consider this a love letter to that imaginary person and if you recognize some of yourself in it, send us a message!

Eager to express yourself through the product, you want to take responsibility and contribute your unique sensibilities, perspective and character. You have a taste for what could make something great and you let that influence your designs.

You communicate comfortably and with purpose. The way you describe your designs will not only help your team understand, it will appeal to them – win them over! You aren’t shy to sketch out your ideas, no matter how good of a drawer you are.

More often than not, you manage to strike a balance between empathy and analytic thinking. You understand that getting a decent read on people and their concerns is just as important as looking past constraints or making sacrifices.

While trying to avoid labour-intensive detours, you have no trouble admitting mistakes and adapting. Having made your fair share of such mistakes, you are supportive when others are about to, patiently guiding them into clearer waters. When a design does not work out as planned, you have an intuition for when to refine it and when to throw it overboard. The team will help you with this, if you invite them to.

And lastly, you have been around the industry for at least 3 years as a designer, having contributed to at least one shipped title on either mobile, PC or console.

Compensation & perks

If you have three years of relevant professional experience, you can look forward to an annual gross salary of €54.600,-. If you have fewer, more or other additional qualifications, an adjustment can be negotiated. This covers 38.5 hours a week.

On top of that, we offer the following perks:

  • Spend one paid day per month on personal training and learning
  • Flexible working hours (core office hours 10:00h-16:00h)
  • Liberal home-office policy
  • Paid overtime (no all-inclusive contracts)
  • 25 days of paid vacation (guaranteed by labor law) and around ten public holidays per year
  • Monthly get-togethers with free drinks
  • Free weekly Yoga classes (currently via remote video)
  • Monthly on-site massages for a reduced price (currently on hiatus over COVID concerns)
  • Free coffee, tea, soda and fruit

Ready for applying?

Please send an email to jobs@mipumi.com explaining why you would like to work with us and what you can do!
Please don’t forget linking to your portfolio!