Business Development Manager


We are looking for a full- or part-time Business Development Manager to work on-site in Vienna, Austria. You will be working closely with our board of directors and help open up new business avenues for our products and services.

Mi’pu’mi has seen a history of steady, deliberate growth. So far, your future area of work has been distributed among many different people who all tried their best to cover our business development needs - next to their other creative, technical or organizational responsibilities.

We’d like to take the next step on our journey by dedicating more capacity to this important topic and allowing all of these aforementioned people to focus on their core expertise. The path from realizing there’s a you-shaped hole in our midst to fully embracing your contribution can be long. Please bring a healthy serving of your own sensibilities, an open mind, patience and a dash of humour :)

Here’s what you do

As Mi’pu’mi’s Business Development Manager, you help to maintain our profitability by cultivating our customer base in the games industry and beyond. This includes fostering existing relationships just as much as establishing new ones. Doing so, you work closely with our CEO, executive producer and our board of directors.

Your responsibilities include establishing and maintaining contacts with other game development studios for beneficial co-development arrangements and helping us make informed staffing decisions based on their needs. You do so by organizing regular online meetings and visiting international conferences and trade shows where you make connections and advertise our products and services.

Forming an understanding of our products and capabilities allows you to position our own catalog of original intellectual property and products in the games market. You influence decision-making on topics such as pricing, distribution channels and avenues of promotion. This includes calling the shots on special offers, bundles and seasonal discounts.

Obtaining public and private funding is an important aspect of securing production budgets: You chart the landscape of publishers, IP-owners, investors as well as public grants in Austria and Europe. What’s out there? How should that influence our strategy? When do we need to respond or apply? What games should we pitch to whom? You utilize your understanding of these aspects to help our directors identify beneficial matches between these funding opportunities and what we can do in terms of theme, scope, quality and time. It forms the basis for your contribution to proposals, offers and pitch decks.

Here’s what you bring

Although we believe in people defying our expectations and finding their own ways to be effective, this role comes with a handful of boxes to check. But instead of harping on bullet-points we would like to try and describe what kind of person we imagine would absolutely rock this role. Consider this a love letter to that imaginary person and if you recognize some of yourself in it, follow the link below to send us a message!

Eager to get things done, you are self-motivated and pro-active. This is reflected in your track record of building successful partnerships and deals as a business developer, account manager or B2B salesperson. This is rounded out by your diligence and experience in maintaining professional relationships: You know when to respond quickly, when to back off, when to listen and when to infuse the exchange with positive humour.

Your confident and outgoing nature allows you to easily strike up conversations and make acquaintances without getting star-struck or intimidated by industry luminaries. Despite this, you are not driven by the desire to become a big shot yourself. Instead, you have a genuine interest for people, organizations and the challenges they face. This is reflected by you paying attention, showing empathy and being an overall pleasant person to be around. All of this extends into your correspondence.

Not easily discouraged when a deal falls through or when would-be partners are slow to follow up, your patience allows you to stay engaged and revive long-running threads to facilitate a collaboration or agreement. Throughout this, you have an easy time condensing relevant info into regular reports on the current state of things.

How are games being made? How do big productions organize around their needs? What do teams achieve on what kinds of budgets? What do industry players need, now and tomorrow? We don’t necessarily expect you to know from hands-on experience, but you’ll need to convince us that you’re already learning and have the drive to keep it up, ideally throughout your whole career. You draw upon this knowledge when negotiating comfortably, diligently and patiently.

Let’s talk about it

As mentioned before, you’ll inherit responsibilities from a number of different people around the company. This makes it difficult to reliably predict your workload - our guess is around 30 hours per week. In any case, we’re open to your perspective: Would you prefer starting low and adjusting as needed? Are you brimming with ideas and would like to work full-time right away? Let’s talk about it!

The salary number below is based on the assumption of full-time employment and will be adjusted according to the outcome of our conversation.

Mi'pu'mi is a Great Place To Work!

Compensation & perks

If you have three years of relevant professional experience, you can look forward to an annual gross salary of EUR 53.200,--. If you have fewer, more or other additional qualifications, an adjustment can be negotiated.

This covers 38.5 hours a week at around 44 weeks per year, when bank holidays and your mandatory vacation (see below) are taken into account.

On top of your salary, we offer the following perks:

  • Spend one paid day per month on personal training and learning
  • Paid overtime (no all-inclusive contracts)
  • 25 days of paid vacation (20 days for part-time arrangements, guaranteed by labor law)
  • Flexible working hours (core office hours 10:00h-16:00h)
  • Liberal home-office policy
  • Around ten public holidays per year
  • Monthly get-togethers with free drinks
  • German language classes
  • Free weekly Yoga classes (currently via remote video)
  • Free coffee, tea, soda and fruit

Ready for applying?

Please send an email to explaining why you would like to work with us and what you can do!

Please don’t forget including a portfolio of relevant previous work!