Skull and Bones™

We have provided hands-on UI/UX design, 2D art creation and engineering services to Ubisoft teams in Berlin and Singapore, supporting the development of Skull and Bones™.

Our Contribution

Having successfully collaborated with various Ubisoft studios before, we were happy to provide our services once more. Working with Ubisoft’s bleeding edge Anvil engine, we formed an agile strike team, providing…

  • User experience and interaction design
  • Page layout design
  • 2D motion design
  • 2D art asset creation
  • UI programming

Collaborating across disciplines, our team worked on features such as…

  • Friends list and associated functionality
  • Quest party formation and management
  • In-game tools for moderating unwanted player interaction
  • Usability & accessibility improvements
  • Code stability enhancements

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