Ski Challenge

We are providing full-spectrum game development services to Greentube, both guiding and supporting the ongoing development of Ski Challenge.

The game builds on a tried and true, pre-existing race mechanic but had all aspects undergo a major overhaul to conform to modern sensibilities. In addition, all infrastructure necessary to develop a state-of-the-art live service game with a strong esports component have been created from scratch.

New content and features for the game are releasing every month!

Our Contribution

Brought onboard to develop and publish the game for mobile platforms, we delivered in these areas:

Creative Direction & Execution

Our team was instrumental in shaping the transition of a core racing game loop into the foundation for an expansive live service experience:

  • Creative direction & product ownership for a live service esports game
  • Core Gameplay design and usability enhancements to appeal to both hardcore and casual audiences
  • Complete visual overhaul of existing race tracks including terrain, textures and props
  • Creation of brand new real-world race tracks from scratch
  • Character design, art, creation, rigging, animation and IK-setup for two genders
  • Customization item design and implementation featuring both color schemes and entirely new models
  • Player Progression- and Free-to-Play economy design
  • Competitive Ladder and Matchmaking design
  • User Experience design, art and implementation

Technical Direction & Execution

The rich feature set of the game was realized by our engineers, who took on a multitude of challenges:

  • Modernizing a legacy codebase for release on current devices
  • Re-engineering the game’s core race logic to feature deterministic physics and work in isolation from the presentation layer
  • Introducing gameplay features such as rewind-on-crash
  • Developing a rich service backend on top of Microsoft Playfab and Azure Cloud services
  • Platform-agnostic OAuth-based player authentication supporting Google, Apple and Playfab accounts
  • Sharing race performances with other players on social media using deeplinks to CDN content
  • Feature-rich in-game shop experience with real-time updates
  • Building an automated release pipeline deploying to Google Play Store, Apple App Store Connect, Playfab and Azure Kubernetes Services
  • Cloud-based race performance validation for ensuring competitive integrity

Development Quality Assurance

Before the game would go out to external quality assurance partners, our QA engineers worked embedded with the development team to provide…

  • Platform Certification Requirements
  • Test case specifications
  • Functionality testing
  • Release candidate qualification

Credit where it is due

The project was greatly enhanced through:

  • Software development services and Azure Devops support provided by Greentube
  • Audio direction and implementation provided by wobblersound
  • Quality assurance services provided by Quanticlab
  • Technical foundation provided by the Unity Engine
  • Dynamic Audio capabilities provided by FMOD

All images © Skichallenge GmbH.