The Settlers: New Allies

We have provided hands-on UI/UX design, 2D art creation, software engineering and team leadership services to the Ubisoft team in Düsseldorf, supporting the development of The Settlers: New Allies.

Our Contribution

Having successfully collaborated with various Ubisoft studios before, we were happy to provide our services once more. Working with Ubisoft’s bleeding-edge Snowdrop engine, we provided…

  • User experience and interaction design
  • UI implementation & -programming
  • Gameplay programming
  • Performance- and memory optimization
  • UI art assets
  • UI programming team leadership

Collaborating across disciplines, our team worked on features such as…

  • All engine- & tools pipelines involved in providing UI content in the game, including:
    • Deep game-specific adjustments of Snowdrop’s visual scripting system for UI
    • Architecture, creation and maintenance of a data-driven UI widget composition system
    • Many mission-critical optimization passes to support RTS-style UI complexity in an engine with a strong heritage of 3rd person world-space UI
  • Continued architecture & engineering-support for the game’s scripting- and language interop layer
  • UI screen- & widget designs to match the game’s style and design language
  • The game’s settings and player preferences
  • Unit-/building production queue
  • Minimap & Fog-of-War system
  • Console platform services integration
  • Bug-fixing, usability & accessibility improvements

In addition to individual features being worked on, we are thankful for the trust and opportunity to have had one of our own engineers lead the game’s UI programming team throughout most of the project’s duration.

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