Hitman HD Enhanced Collection

We ported IO Interactive’s hit stealth game HITMAN Blood Money from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

The title was bundled with HITMAN Absolution into the HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection, both on disc and as a downloadable title. Not only are these games playable on current-generation consoles for the first time, but also in stunning 4K resolution and at a smooth 60Hz.

Our Contribution

We returned to the platform we built for HITMAN HD Trilogy once more, updating all relevant middleware and revisiting earlier optimizations. Our goal was to render 1080p at 60Hz and 4K resulution at 30Hz, both with greater texture- and shadow map resolution. In order to achieve this, we re-created IOI’s then state-of-the-art materials and effects framework on both platforms and introduced multi-core processor optimizations to guarantee a hitch-free gameplay experience.

We completely overhauled all UI assets to render at crisp 1080p and 4K resolutions natively, without upscaling. As a prerequisite, we had to adjust all UI layouts to accomodate for the greater resolution and fidelity.

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