We are working closely with various teams in Espoo supporting new and existing technologies for Remedy’s proprietary Northlight Engine. Doing so, we are glad to help these teams to focus on crafting their trademark intricate gameplay and gripping narratives.

Remedy’s critically acclaimed game Control™ is the first release to feature our contributions.

Our Contribution

Initially brought on to port an open-source middleware library, we quickly moved on to apply our knowledge and diligence in these areas:

Platform/Service Abstraction

We provided an interface for engine/gameplay code to enable unified access to platform/service capabilities such as…

  • Local and cloud-based save games, user preferences and backups
  • One-shot and progress-based achievements and backups
  • Player Profile- and Input Device handling
  • Streaming background installation and content gating
  • Downloadable content and entitlements
  • System-, network and power-management events
  • Comprehensive UI to aid in quality assurance and debugging

This functionality covers PS4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store. Features not available on all platforms are partially emulated and always use the same interface so game teams can focus on what they do best: games.

Editor and Pipeline Components

We closely collaborated with the Northlight Team on improving content creation tools and workflows for game teams.


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