Construction Simulator

We have provided hands-on engineering and quality assurance services to weltenbauer’s team in Wiesbaden, supporting the development of Construction Simulator.

Our Contribution

Brought on-board to bolster the game’s multi-platform and multi-generation launch, we lent the team a hand in these areas:

Platform Engineering

At the start of production Construction Simulator was among the earliest games to utilize the Unity engine to target the then next-generation consoles: Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. The brunt of our contribution was to help the game team deal with issues introduced by the engine’s early-stage platform compatibility and addressing spotty performance and stability.

In addition we provided solutions and guidance for topics such as…

  • Input Device handling
  • Achievements/Trophies support
  • Savegame functionality & cloud synchronization
  • Multiplayer and network setup
  • Activities & Rich Presence
  • Middleware compatibility
  • Build pipeline setup

Development Quality Assurance

Before the game would go out to external quality assurance partners, our QA engineers worked embedded with the development team to provide…

  • Platform Certification Requirements
  • Test case specifications
  • Functionality testing
  • Milestone candidate qualification

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