Anno 1800 Console Edition

We have provided hands-on UI/UX design, -implementation and 2D art creation services to the Ubisoft team in Mainz, supporting the development of Anno 1800 Console Edition.

Our Contribution

Having successfully collaborated with various Ubisoft studios before, we were happy to provide our services once more. Working towards Anno 1800’s console release, we formed an agile strike team, providing…

  • User experience and interaction design to fit the game’s style and design language
  • UI implementation
  • Gamepad-friendly menu navigation
  • 2D/UI art asset creation

Collaborating across disciplines, our team worked on features such as…

  • Anno’s in-game knowledge base, the Annopedia
  • Unit pop-ups and object menus
  • Trade route planning & management screens
  • In-game DLC shop
  • Meta-information popups and screens
  • Bug-fixing, usability & accessibility improvements

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