About us.

Our background

Mi’pu’mi Games is an independent game development company based in Vienna, Austria.

Having worked for more than ten years in the industry, our founders set out to create Mi’pu’mi Games in 2009. The goal then was to create a space where skilled and dedicated game developers could work and learn together without suffering from the unhealthy employment- and business practices so common in large-scale game development.

Throughout the years, we have learned, grown and attracted more talent – allowing us to design and implement solutions to problems across a variety of hardware platforms, be it PC & Console-, Browser- or Mobile Games.

We are continuously adding new interesting projects to our track record and are eager to enhance our knowledge and skillset in an ever-changing industry. Our artistic vision, technical prowess and professional rigor is reflected by the quality of our product and the good relationships that connect us to partners and players worldwide.